KICI Foundation

KICI Foundation is a non commercial organisation, collecting large quantities of post consumer textiles. All collected post consumer clothing is sold by KICI to sorting companies in the Netherlands. The net profit of KICI is transferred yearly to the Dutch Red Cross and to a number of charity organisations and smaller projects.

As KICI and other collectors of post consumer textiles are now aiming at the collection of wearable clothing (and about 40-50% is reused as clothing), they collect not as much textiles as potentially available. When the non wearable post consumer textiles also will get a commercial value by upgrading the textile recycling chain, much more post-consumer textiles can be collected. This will increase the profit of KICI and reduce the environmental impact a great deal.

Besides collecting post consumer textiles, KICI is involved in a number of projects in which (mainly) students design and produce prototypes of products which could be made from fibres recovered from post consumer waste. The product development is mainly in the field of furniture, construction panels and insulation. KICI is one of the partners in the J4J project.

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